Only Fortinet can provide a powerful, complete, and integrated threat management solution that delivers industry leading protection and performance.

Today’s security networks are too complex

Too many different vendors, too many alerts, and too many different ways of managing each device: it all leads to an unmanageable infrastructure where gaps can be difficult to find. Only Fortinet can deliver a seamless, comprehensive security infrastructure across the entire attack surface. From the cloud to the edge and to the endpoint, Fortinet’s industry-leading suit of products and tools address all phases of the attack cycle – from prevention to detection to remediation.

Current security strategies are no longer enough

Focusing exclusively on risk or compliance isn’t good enough anymore. With today’s borderless networks, you need intelligent, adaptive and advanced threat protection to cover every corner of your network. Fortinet provides enterprises with access to the single largest global threat intelligence network, keeping you well ahead of threats. Fortinet’s advanced products can take you from alert to containment in minutes to help you respond to today’s most sophisticated attacks.

Slow is broken

Bottlenecks in your security infrastructure are no longer acceptable. Your customers demand speed, your employees demand speed, your content, your applications and your transactions demand speed. The demands on your network are unprecedented: you must have a security solution with the power and performance to meet your demands now, and that solution must be able to scale with you as your requirements grow. Fortinet’s unrivaled Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) products mean that you don’t have to compromise speed for security: the best security starts with the best silicon.