Are you concerned about exactly what files consume the capacity on your storage devices? Pictures, music files, dead files, copies of the same file, exposed social security numbers, credit card numbers or confidential personal information? Is it dormant data?

With DataGravity, we can make you Data Aware!

DataGravity is a smart storage array that allows you to discovery what is in your data and answer the following questions:

What file types am I storing (audio, video, docs)?What user is consuming the most space on my array?Who are my most active users and what are they accessing?Which files are dormant data that I can clear off of my array?Do I have any sensitive data on my array that I am unaware of?Does this data pose a security or integrity risk that can be harmful to the company?Are the access behaviors of my users normal or is there “strange” behavior?Who created what file and who all has accessed that file?Can I see real-time Analytics of my data?

Let BlueLine Services provide you with a proposal to discovery your data. We offer a complete data aware storage solution or a one-time service using our Data MRI program.