Your company data is the single most valuable asset your company owns. It fuels everything your company does.

With this in mind, your Data and Network Forensics and Security should be PRIORITY NUMBER ONE!

It is not a question of whether or not you need to know what lurks in your data and who is accessing it, the question is…how much longer can you risk NOT knowing. Let us help turn your data into information.

At BlueLine Services, we specialize in Data Forensics, Data Security, Data Discovery and Protection, Network Forensics, & Network Security as a Service.

We supply products and services to provide your company with the following services:

Data Forensics & Security:

  • Shed light on what is in your data and specifically what makes up your data
  • Map user data access activities
  • Locate and Secure critical data files (such as credit card numbers, SS#, PII)
  • Create data usage profiles of your staff
  • Perform E-Discovery for projects, lawsuits, acquisitions, and other major company activities
  • Discover what unused old data occupies valuable space in your storage
  • Find sensitive data that may be accessible in your shared files
  • Become Data Aware – Transform your data from a potential liability into a strategic asset
  • Manage Data Hoarding

Network Forensics & Security:

  • Define traffic on your network
  • Track suspicious traffic across your network
  • Secure gateways and access points on your network
  • Discovery and Deny Unidentifiable International Access Threats
  • Reclaim your network control to increase throughput and reliability
  • Increase performance and reliability
  • Secure your network from Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware & Hackers


All products offered by these partners are available through BlueLine Services. We also provide installation, continuing support and education.